Book One in Series One: The Dream Sharer  

 Book One in Series One is Available Now in Nook Books at Barnes and Noble Website ( and Amazon Kindle ebooks for $3.99  

Could it be possible that our dreams connect?

Read the Unique Mind Bender Thriller about a Woman Who Learns the Unbelievable Truth of the New Meaning of "Dream-Sharing" When She Discovers that She has a "Dream-Sharer". 
A Total Stranger Was Sharing Her Dreams With Her!
Discover the Reason Why and
You'll Never Regard Your Dreams the Same Again!!

My mind was racing and my heart was beating. I even started to shake a little. Becky even noticed it and looked at me. “I know this will sound crazy,” I said, “but sometimes it seems like he is a guy out there somewhere whose dreams have connected with my dreams!” She looked at me like I had two heads, “Mom, it’s been pretty cool hearing about your dream man, but now you’re sounding a little weird,” she said as she shook her head. “You need to get a life, mom.” she said as she turned to watch tv again. I sighed, “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I need to stop thinking about these dreams and get my head on straight!”.

27,000 words