Book 2 in Series 1: Dream Sharers
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Thriller mind bender about a woman researcher in the dangerous, Icelandic Glaciers on the verge of discovering the connection between seismic activity and major world weather patterns, when she gets ensnared at the bottom of an ice cave.
Only one thing can permeate the deadly ice! Will she figure it out in time that it has something to do with "dream-sharing"?! 


I must have been hallucinating, I thought. How can I think that I was really communicating with this man and woman in a dream? It must be hypothermia setting in or something.  But, then again...they did seem like they were trying to help me. I just don't know what to do! If I let myself fall asleep again, I may never wake up. And yet, letting myself sleep so I can dream may be my only hope. 

40,000 words


Book 3 in Series 1: The Dream Sharers Unknown Treasure 
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Awesome Thriller about a Polish Man Living Alone in the Days of WWll Hides a Family Treasure From Invading Troops
And Is Slain Before He Can Tell Anyone Where It Is.
How Could Anyone Know It Even Exists or Where to Find It?
It Just Might Be Possible If He Had a Dream Sharer!

This is the story of an American pilot who ends up going to Poland and helping to bring a Polish family together at the end of WWII by regaining a lost family heirloom. 
And it all started because he "shared" a dream....


It was hard to read the notes that I had scribbled down from remembering my dreams, but the first note that I had written seemed to be in another language. "Here.....," I said, holding the paper closer to my eyes. "What does, "pochowany na brzegu Kołberg" mean?" I asked him. He looked at me with a puzzled look. "How do you know Polish?" he asked. "I don't," I replied. He looked at me with an even more puzzled look and then said, "it means to be buried on the shore of Kolberg". "Where is Kolberg located?" I asked. "With all that happened to Poland in this war and you don't know where Kolberg is located?" he replied a little irritated. "I flew only in the Pacific," I explained, hoping that was enough. "It is off the northwest coast of Poland," he said. I rubbed my chin and knodded to myself in remembrance of some of the dreams being on a beach. I thanked him and left. As I walked down the street and gazed afar off, I knew that I had to go to Poland. I felt somehow that it was important. That it was imperative that I find out what was buried, where it was buried, and why.   


120,000 words