Book 4 of Series 1: Dream Sharer's Murder Mystery

Book 5 of Series 1: Dream Sharer Love

Book 6 of Series 1: Dream Sharer - The Beginning

"A woman's body is found in a ditch and there are no clues to her murder" read the newspaper. He sighed. He didn't want to be a dream-sharer! But he couldn't ignore the dreams. He's going to have to call the police even though they're going to think he's crazy, he thought. But he has to because their last dreams that they shared might give clues to who may have killed her.

55,000 Words 



A love story in 1800's Ireland in which a couple is separated by war, but they find a way to be together in their dreams.
Their love had no boundaries.

                                                                                         50,000 words

It All Begins Here....

It is 1201. In the midst of the Medieval period of the Crusades - a time of turbulance of a world imposing violence in the name of good  - the origin of the dream-sharer is born! This is where the lineage of the dream sharers can be traced. Two infants are blessed and each given a different gift that combine when they grow up and marry and beget the dream sharers.
Read how generations of history are changed forever!

Included in book
is a geneology family tree dating from the 1200's to the present.


The sun glimmered through the stained-glass window and cast brilliant, radiant colors upon the priest as he held each of the newborns.
"Lord, O, Sovereign One. Bless these children. Let their lives and future union bring hope to a world that is lost and glory to your Name. Amen".

300,000 words